1 day _ 1 goodie

8/5: i got onto a full bus for a 2 hours long road. a man with a great beard let me sit.
9/5: hungover at work, i met Tilda Swinton's doppelgänger.
10/5: a simple thought - i would like to ride a horse again.
11/5: sang loud at midnight to grimes, discovering she might be a goddess.
12/5: i felt poorly, but it rained.
13/5: foot massage, gained yesterday's lost energy through yoga.
14/5: slept for 2 hours and had a terrible night, but i finished early at work and went to a trip with my lover and friends!!! we took a train to a brewery, had great lunch and i had a pint for the first time! in the evening, me and two of my favourite people discovered a HUGE playground! then my love and i went to our favourite bar and there we met a guy with a rat in his sweatshirt! it went from hoodie to sleeve and back to hoodie. such a great Saturday!!! the whole day was a goodie.
15/5: felt alright with the fact my lover's going away for a week tomorrow. grateful we got to spend a weekend together before leaving. also, he fixed my bed.
16/5: he has left, but he gave me The Last Rescue Kit made from a metal mint packet. it contains half a cigarette, weed and a sweet.
17/5: i made myself delicious lasagna with spinach. and suddenly my lover arrived! he brought a lot of food and stayed the night. in the morning - gone again.
18/5: i've done a lot of chores including cleaning our bathroom, laundry and shopping for materials for my project(s). i made progress in my illustration work. and most of all, i met my best friend today. we went for a lunch, talked a lot and laughed a lot.
19/5: i had a lunch with my twin sister and then i headed to school. a young illustrator from my teacher's graphic studio had a speech. motivating at last! i also made myself great bean+tomato soup for dinner. at night i finished a commission.
20/5: i bought 2 pizzas after a week of cravings.

and i cannot remember the rest, because we've got a wifi free household once again. no complains so far, except one of my flatmates smashed the broken router against the wall. happy times.
also i lost a job i was barely given and it was the only one that took me in with no previous experience in coffee making. however, today i found a job offer in a very nice café. my chances are low, but the universe is a funny thing.

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