finally it's raining

i felt horrid today, even skipped illustration course for the first time. one could say i feel better now, a walk with Jimmi the dog gave me energy. sudden rain helped a lot, too. i found out my best friend is gonna get married and i cannot help but think about her in the craziest dress possible and with a wedding ring from a vending machine around her finger. because that's one of the ways i would do it, so there's a big chance she would, too. you know how it works - a proper kinship.

everything's falling into the right place. every day, i can see my dream future a bit clearer. the old me, which was stuck between the rural and the city, is forever gone. now it is just me and the nature. i see myself, my lover, Jimmi the dog and Amy the sneaky snake in a simple house, somewhere quiet. we get a boa constrictor and maybe a horse, too. why not?
our house is a re-built barn up north, remade by us and our friends, looking very raw. it is furnished in a very sober way - nothing is expendable. there is as little as possible. the house is one big studio, with a ladder leading to a mezzanine. that's where our bedroom is, consisting of mattresses, pillows, blankets and towers of books. of course, chess and playstation shouldn't be missing. but that's it.
there is a little garden behind the house, where we grow vegetables. herbs are behind the window, plants and flowers everywhere you look. the place is very spacious in general, and well lit, too. we've got two bikes and a T3 transporter for our travels.

lately i am trying to reduce material things to gain what cannot be touched. more often i see stuff as distractions that only occupy space and time in my life. honestly, i just cannot be bothered! i am re-evaluating my present possessions and i either get rid of a thing or i change it for something better. i really see peace and ease in the simple.

on monday a dear friend (this one once again) told me i look like an anime character. this made me especially happy, because i was feeling like one that day. it made me even happier when she added it's not only because of the way i looked, but apparently my energy is somehow anime-like!
i feel really good in my own skin now. i feel like i am capable of somehow making other people's day better, and that makes me bursting with energy even more. i cut my hair and found the perfect pair of trousers. it's black and soft, shaped like a long skirt down to the ankles. i feel like a ninja in it.
now that i think about it, i might be transferring in one.

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