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i've finished my 3rd project 365. the end came out of the blue, to be honest. since i moved to Prague, i lost any proper internet connection. mostly i just updated my project while i had time at work, where there is no service whatsoever except for O2 (so no service for me, anyway), but there is wifi alright.
the year was nothing i expected it to be, as per usual. at the beginning it was somehow like this: i was a girl in recovery, looking for a place in this world (which i still do) having big dreams (which i still do). so no change in that aspect of life.
but just 2 months later i met this person that came to me out of nowhere in this unmemorable yet ordinary night. we had a lot in common yet we were so different. we still do, we still are. and we are still getting to know each other, but now in our own flat, in our own relationship. we, strange acquaintances, started dating 2 weeks later after we met. it was this new, totally exciting relationship and i never expected it to go so far. not that i didn't believe in it, i was just very sceptic about happy love stories and i thought i will fuck it up soon. well, i didn't. it felt good and it still does.
i found out he has a snake, he likes my favourite whiskey and his home is next door, even-though at that time he lived and worked in Prague. yes, we were actually neighbours. now we are flatmates. weird. this 'project 365 revision' appears to be my love life update, but to be honest, it is the biggest part of this past year. so i don't intend to shut up about it. i want to remember all of it.

now, let's dig in the archive of my last 365 days.

52. one day in October i deciced to go to Prague and visit my beloved friend Kryštof and sleep over at Rouna's. both are two of my favourite people in the world for a very long time. Rouna inked my thighs. i love the circle most of all my tattoos. my parents don't know till this day.
74. one day after our graduation party in November... it was the best evening thanks to Him crashing the party. we drove through mountains and danced in snow. the following day i spent the afternoon drawing. in the evening i went to visit him. we sat by a fireplace, i was showing him my drawings and we had such a good time. he introduced me to his father, his brother and his king snake. i know i fell in love. he got me at "do you wanna see Amy the snake?"
88. we threw Rouna a secret b-day party in Prague. i had birthday day after the party. i slept at Rouna's and when i woke up, i was 19. i had pancakes for breakfast and i bought myself and my twin sister fortune cookies. it said my future plans are going to succeed. i caught a bus home and there was a big party at a hotel M's dad owns and where M lives. he got me a rose and djarum cigarettes. they smelled of clove. 
95. my first sleepover at his place in Prague. he told me he never liked christmas, because it has never been so magical for him. i was sorry to hear that, because of myself being a sucker for magical things. so i brought with me a cinnamon candle, apples and english christmas songs with Ella Fitzgerald, making his place feel more christmasy. it made him so happy and i was satisfied. mission accomplished.
116. i will forever think of us 3 as of The Fantastic Three. or anything that has 3 members, who are totally cool and will change the world.
121. it was the morning after New Year's Eve and i couldn't be happier. i mean it. i can't even explain it to you, so i'd rather kept it simple.
197. few months later, M moved back from Prague and we were neighbours again. we saw each other every day and i thought things couldn't be better. sometimes i woke up early and we had coffee before i headed to school. 
220. it's 10th April, there is still snow and we are swimming in a pond. 

281. i finally finished secondary school and my holidays have started, still not knowing wether i should start studying at uni or not. we went to visit his grandma and she made me my favourite dumplings with plums. in return we did some work in the garden.
307. we moved in together in a little flat in Prague. a few days after we, his siblings and some friends went sailing for 3 days. we loved it. we wanna do it again. big time!
333. one afternoon we decided to go to Hronov to attend a theatre festival for a few days. so we caught a bus and off we go. simple! we had nowhere to crash, so we slept in a car for 1 hour each day. the car was parked between railway line and a rectory. and every time we moved, the alarm went off. and just as we were waking up, still drunk, a mass was ending. it was rather a funny picture.
365. and this is me, yesterday, on the last day of the project. looking like a traveler and feeling like one. being one. a traveler being trapped, but figuring a way out.

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