this is me now // part 2 // night

as long as everything's in colour harmony!

only a few months ago there was a guy that fell from the metronom

we were just about to go to a grocery shop for wine and then sit by the river and suddenly a huge and superlong firework  began! the picture is all blurred, i guess i got too carried away haha.

long after the spontaneous firework, but everything was still pretty

from a performance..

.. this one.

sleepy one at the bar
from our recent trip. we went on a solid ground after we spent the whole day on a boat. everything was swaying!

in a harbour. i miss sleeping on a boat. the sways were actually very calming!

at a theatre festival. i feel strong need to go back!

the festival's sleeping. we're not. almost nonstop, always happy!

who is gonna recognise this place?

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