this is my life now // part 1 // day(ish)

we paid a second rent now. that means we live in Prague for a month. it went so fast! and here is a little insight i put together.

my lunch and my dinner. we just made it so damn good. tzatziki and guacamole y'all! i like making meals to my love and than carrying it w/ me as i go visit him to work.

after visiting a free exhibition i found a store w/ things from Tibet, Nepal and China. i wanted a jewellery so bad, but it was more pricey than i'd like. maybe i'll do so when a good opportunity appears. i bought a notebook made by tibetan refugees instead. there are blossoms in the handmade paper. i started scribbling in it as soon as i sat on a tram.

we are walking zombies during a work-free day. no kidding. cauliflower soup made me more awake than the espresso. would made it double if my purse wasn't so light!

existuju... ('i exist...') exhibition at 35m2
so good!

i got a lollipop from mr. M and he made me a cup of coffee, too! #spoilt

...and again! a flower i got! it has the best background story ever. also, it was my name day. we went to see an open-air theatre performance, but it was raining so hard! we were wet to the skin. i enjoyed it still!

one of my favourite spots in Prague now!

still it. a picture taken in a little bit of different state of mind, if ya know what i mean!
it was so nice!!
literally, i am happy even when the sunlight burns my eyes! 
+ everything is starting to have firm shapes again!

ALSO! this is still a thing! unfortunately i cannot post more items now (5 pieces is the limit for a free account and i cannot afford to pay for more space atm) so let's buy some thiiiings!
new items and designs are impatiently on it's way! 
anyway, thank you all who bought sth for the support! i already sold more than 10 tote bags with the snack design... crazy! it's totally appreciated!

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