manifesto // online and real world

these are fragments of what i realised and fully formed during a conversation with Vell. it's something i always remind to myself and something i (try to) live by. not only it puts me in a good mood, but i have a good feeling about every freaking day i lived, because even if it wasn't the best day ever, i know i treated every person (myself included), animal, thing and plant and everything else just how they deserved. and that always soothes my soul, excited about the next day and regretting nothing.

1. don’t live blindly through gadgets, don’t put more energy into your online life rather than your real life. use gadgets wisely. don’t let yourself to be consumed by them.

2. share wisely. decide what you want to share with the world and what is better to keep to yourself. don’t try to create a “better” version of yourself online. you are good enough. work on yourself in real life.

3. learn how to spend time offline and live the reality. use social media as a tool to share your work, not as a place for procrastination.

4. learn to be present in the real world. it can be scary, but don’t use online world to escape it - this is just life, baby. live it.

5. minimise your online world, make it raw.

6. make life (in general) as raw and pure as possible.

7. make it meaningful. put effort in everything you do. there is no time to slack off.

8. be true to yourself. appreciate yourself when you do something well, but recognise your mistakes as well.

9. be grateful. appreciate even the smallest of things.

10. don’t be bitchy to people. if they piss you off they are not worth your energy. if you just have a bad day, it doesn't mean you can destroy theirs.

11. rest, but don’t procrastinate.

12. be present.

13. do, try, experience. you may fail, but at least you tried. now you know you suck at it and carry on, or you know how to do better next time.

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