the relative truth // a brighton project


I believe that everyone has two kinds of life scenarios. The one we actually have and the one others think we have. I often wonder what life stories have the people I meet in the streets. I create another stories, another lives for the passers-by and I wonder how different the truth is.

I hold dear every conversation I had with all the people I met during my wandering through Brighton streets. I remember their words and their smiles. Their expressions and body language.
I met two girls, who I think were best friends arriving home from a music festival or a street musician, who I believe is happy with little. I met a married couple with a positive energy, educating me about mantra and giving me a buddhist picture to remember them. Or those two boyfriends, that were so kind to me and had so much love in their eyes.
Now it is up to you, what you see in them / what you can read only from pictures. I bet we all see different people in the same photographs. And all in all, it does not matter if we are wrong or right. We all have our own truth, that is very comparative.

How much is it different to see just a picture of certain people and to actually meet them in real life? How much does their eyes, voice and performance affect the way we perceive them?

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